Platform is working great. Been using it a bunch lately and it definitely comes in handy.
Andy (4/19/2018)

Good Morning Bryan, the platform is working great! It definitely makes my life easier working on my lifted truck due to the fact I am vertically challenged, hahaha. Thank you again for the great support and the continued support! Have a great day!
Billy P. (4/19/2018)

Thank you again for the fantastic customer service that goes above and beyond!!! I wish every company was as good as you guys are!!!
Customer (4/19/2018)

Everything is going great. Been kinda slow, but the platform is awesome.I use it on about every truck I work on even if I don't really need it.
Anthony (4/19/2018)

We purchased 2 of these for our GM and Nissan shop. Our technicians find the platform user friendly and has helped increase productivity and has reduced back-aches.
Ty J. (11/25/2016)

I just started working at a shop that uses these platforms. I have to say this is an awesome product. And for a short person like myself standing at 5' 6" it makes it nice and easy to get up around all of these lifted trucks and even regular trucks and SUV's with a whole lot less pain and effort. No more standing on a tire, bucket, crate, or even just leaning over the engine. I highly recommend this product!
Jeremey N. (11/12/2016)

I am an instructor at a Technical College. The walkabout platform is GREAT!! This product helps me teach my students one on one on high profile vehicles. This platform is a must have for any Automotive shop.
John R. (9/17/2016)

I run two fairly big shops that work on a lot of big pickup trucks. I have put 3 Walkabouts in my shops and the response has been amazing. Gone are the days of "teetering" on a step ladder to work under the hood of these big pick up trucks.
Jason N. (9/7/2016)

We use this at our dealer here in North Salt Lake and all I can say is - A happy technician is a good technician. This tool allows our guys to stay in one place with everything at their fingertips.
Mike S. (9/7/2016)

I have worked on cars for over 20 years, and the Walkabout Platform is the by far the best tool I have used. Saves time, and saves my back and feet from being sore after a long truck repair. If you do any gas or diesel truck repairs under the hood, the Walkabout Platform is for you.
Justin B. (9/7/2016)

I am a new technician who just started working at a shop that fortunately has the Walkabout platform. I plan on buying one as soon as I can. It makes jobs so much easier.
Randy G. (4/26/2016)

When I first saw the Walkabout platform I was skeptical. I thought I could use a step ladder and get the same results. But I decided to start using this platform for under hood work on trucks and SUVs. I don't know how I ever worked without it!
E. Gray (4/26/2016)

Since the invention of the Walkabout by Bryan Malone, the technicians in our shop have been using the platform to work on light duty trucks and SUV’s for added comfort and safety when working on these vehicles.
Tony H. (4/25/2016)